The Zola Philosophy

Filmmaking is an art form, crafted out of a creative vision first and foremost, and ultimately made material through a complex series of interactions with an elaborate array of equipment. Put simply, filmmaking is both an artistic and technical pursuit. While any video production firm can boast technical proficiency, mass-produced promotional videos have been reduced to little more than a formula. The entire artistic process is stripped down to a simplistic pairing of stock footage, matched to a few ready-made title sequences and a handful of predictable animations. The videos begin to look so alike, it is easy to forget who or what is actually being promoted without checking the opening title sequence for some hint thereof.

I founded Zola Video as an alternative to the formulaic standard, a service for customers who seek genuine differentiation. My strategy is quite contrary to that of larger video production firms. The process is personalized, and the focus shifted to collectively honing in on a creative visual narrative. Indeed, the greatest asset I have to offer at Zola is my complete and undivided attention. I work intimately with each client, from the drafting board to final finessing, to craft one-of-a-kind videos that are not easily forgotten. It is often a fun and insightful process that balances flexibility with streamlined productivity. In fact, because each project is a fresh and creative opportunity, and because I work on a small scale, with my own equipment and virtually no overhead, I can offer cost effective production of what are ultimately better deliverables.

A brief overview of video related services


Generally falling in the range of 1 to 5 minutes, promotional shorts offer a great opportunity to introduce a few characters and give some life to your message. Granted, the goal is ultimately to sell a service or to promote an initiative, but all this is best accomplished by creating a bond with the viewer, a charismatic appeal that portrays not just the brilliance of the product or service, but also the people and minds that back it.


As an alternative to live-action promotionals, animation can further open up the creative possibilities. Because each sequence is meticulously hand drawn or sculpted, the possibilities are essentially limitless, and the intrigue unparalleled. By synthesizing old-fashioned stop motion with contemporary special effects editing software, Zola animations are of a unique style that inevitably lingers in the mind of the viewer.

Event Filming

Event filming is at once one of the most straightforward yet challenging forms of videography. While the proceedings are all predetermined, unpredictability is high, and there is only one chance to get things right. As such, beautiful event productions are ultimately a careful balance between capturing timeless moments while carefully buffering against unplanned surprises. Using multiple cameras and seamless multi-camera editing, Zola offers complete event production, including filming, editing, DVD design and distribution.


Documentary filmmaking, in its perfection, is little more than good story-telling and an acute eye for the beauty that exists all around us in this world. It is about seeing the way a camera sees, about judging the light, or identifying a particularly special character in a crowd of one hundred, or being at the right place at the right time, with a camera and a bit of artistic and technical know-how. It is a long, revealing, and often collaborative journey, where the subjects and supporters and film crew all become intertwined as the saga unravels. And it is a disciplined, exciting and painstaking process of weaving through hundreds of hours of footage to craft a story worthy of all those involved.


Though all of the above formats involve a great degree of creativity, there are occasions where the goal is less about selling a fixed agenda and more about creating a buzz. The creative approach is often the most personalized of the above, requiring ongoing communication as the message is teased out of visual story. Though the variety of films contained within this category is admittedly vast, the style might include anything from live-action stop motion to short dramas containing an embedded message.